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We Manufacture Best Mobile Chillers & Freezers in South Africa

mobile chiller for sale

Mobile Chillers For Sale and Freezers In Durban, Gauteng, Limpopo, Mpumalanga South Africa direct from a certified manufacturer. A chiller is a device similar to a refrigerator that maintains a temperature below the freezing point of water. Chillers are useful if you want to keep things cool over long periods of time. Mobile Chillers are fast becoming popular and prove to be extremely useful for a variety of individuals. When it comes to the storage of food and beverages during times of trade or leisure, the mobile refrigeration trailer is by far the quickest, easiest and the most convenient solution.

                • Chiller or Freezer hire business
                • Wedding’s
                • Catering
                • Funerals
                • festivals and game shoots
                • Ice cube storage
                • outside caterers
                • over Christmas and other busy times when you just need the temporary extra capacity

Mobile Chillers For Sale In South Africa

Mobile chillers for sale to South Africa and Africa direct from the manufacturer. We are the leading suppliers of mobile chillers in this industry. These chillers were made with only the finest materials that money can buy while being built by only the most experienced people to date. You can use these freezers to start your own business because it has wheels so you can take it anywhere you want and your items will never perish or go stail. 0 degrees or lower is the recommended freezer temperature

Licensing Of The Trailers

Licensing of the trailers is the customer’s responsibility. All of the trailers go through a vigorous quality control checking before they are collected by the customers. The motor and blower have a 6-month guarantee. All of our mobile chillers are built on a galvanised chassis, single or double axle. Our patented design interlocking panels for stability and durability, custom made nose cones, galvanised floors, 80 mm thick insulated side panels sandwiched in chromadek sheeting to suit high ambient conditions, freezers come with a COR. Buy Chillers for Event, Function, Party and Wedding on low Price.